CNS Medical Affairs

Our extended Medical Affairs consultancy understands the patient’s experience and healthcare stakeholder’s “modus operandi” and acts as a liaison between the medical community and a client (Pharma/Biotech company). Our strategy is based on the concept of transforming medical affairs to medical value data through:

  • Generation and presentation of high-quality scientific knowledge to the market.
  • Education of stakeholders (MSLs, KOLs, Decision Makers).
  • Linking scientific and clinical results to patient outcomes, adding a value at every stage of a drug’s development.
  • Establishing best scientific communication strategies.
  • Developing a strategy for market education prior to a new drug launch.
  • Designing and data generation strategies, through integrating classical phase IV studies with real-world evidence.
  • Understanding of unmet medical needs, attractiveness of treatment pathways, value of clinical trial protocol options and launch success rates.
  • Assisting in developing real-world evidence phone applications.
  • Our team engages in a thorough analysis of your data, data generation programs and the current therapeutic landscape to fully understand your asset or brand, relative to your competitors.
  • We identify medical-brand challenges, opportunities, and gaps, and design time-efficient workshops or brainstorming sessions with integrated medical organizations.
  • We utilize situation analysis and insights collected from advisory boards, key opinion leader (KOL) engagements, and medical information requests to formulate your strategy.
  • By using the defined medical challenges and opportunities, we collaborate with your team to design strategies and develop tactics that are in alignment with the commercial aspect of your organization, while remaining focused on medical imperatives of your product.
  • Based on your strategic imperatives we work across your team to define strategic medical activities that will bring value to stakeholders, demonstrate beneficial impact on your programs, and fulfil tactical needs.
  • We organize Advisory Meetings with KOLs to gain proper insights, recommendations, and competitive intelligence that will enhance your medical strategy.

We help you to maximize your CNS Product Medical Value, demonstrating its superiority to Patients, Physicians and Payors.

We assist you in:

  • Pre- and post-launch medical platform development, publication plans and medical congress strategies.
  • Product Lifecycle Management.
  • Phase IV and Real-World Evidence post-marketing clinical trials design and medical monitoring.
  • Regulatory applications for indication extensions.
  • Developing Scientific & Skill Set Training of your MA and Sales Force.
  • Developing a well-respected and valued MSL team by enhancing their medical and scientific knowledge through training which include real-life scenarios, thus increasing their ethic compliance knowledge, and interaction skills with physicians and patient advocacy groups.

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