Study Feasibility Assessment

Delays in clinical research activities have significant time and cost implications and negatively impact an organization, regardless of size or financial stability. The potential for delays in conducting effective and time-efficient clinical trials can be decreased or mitigated through implementation of our comprehensive planning strategies. Due to our long-term global presence and expertise, we successfully overcome all medical, clinical, logistical and regulatory challenges which enables us to provide accurate and up to date feasibility data.

Our feasibility assessments include but are not limited to assessment of:

  • Preliminary interest and capabilities of a potential site.
  • Available patient population to determine accurate recruitment rate
  • Availability of referral networks at the site.
  • Availability of GCP and indication trained site personnel.
  • Level of Investigator/Site experience in conducting similar trials.
  • Patient recruitment techniques which are appropriate for a site’s clinical trial climate.
  • Enrolment and retention rate prediction which is in line with similar published clinical trials for comparison purposes.
  • Level of impact of competitive clinical trials on the site recruitment rate.
  • Site capability assessment in terms of equipment/facilities required for successful clinical trial conduct.
  • Impact of study procedures on Country-Specific Standards of Care.

At the end of each feasibility assessment, we provide a customized formal report which includes insights related to highest enrollers and comments on implementation of best practices, with respect to utilization of available operational and financial resources.